This is a great...

In Games movei about us classic gamers. Watch and enjoy.

lmfao! that was great!


When was that made? Seven years ago?
'Final Fantasy VII' is hardly representative of "state-of-the-art graphics" in the series.

Oh well, it's just a short flash video.
(And it's from "newgrounds", where low standards are commonplace.)

Still thought it was funny.

Heh nice little flash there. Old school will always be the best.

Well, that's not bad.

ff7 is still like 35 pixils to a character.. it's not near as good as the character drawn in the animation.

well even if it was old, you gotta admit, it was funny to watch the old school beat up on the new school.

That was a good miniclip! It shows something I knew already, old/classic games is way much better than new games. At least that's my opinion.