Need help to find out the game's name

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So, I played this game loooong time ago, and i suddenly remembered it and I really would like to play it again. Some of you may know this game:
There was this little green star-shaped toy, wich had come to life one night, and the owner of this toy was a little girl who was kidnapped by the other toys.
You could throw bouncing stars and ride them across gaps etc. and use them as a weapon.

Thanks already.

Is it '' ?

No, but thanks anyway. The main character was green, and it could have got some sort of a horn.. But the platform is NES, I forgot to mention.

EDIT: I found it at google with the words "nes green toy" :/
it was called Mr Gimmick

Sounds like Mr. Gimmick. One of the rarest NES Games (only released in Europe (probably only Scandinavia) and Japan)

There's still another game I really would like to play again. I remember that the player could play as three different characters, as a wizard, knight and a thief (?). You could get upgrades for all those characters (bronze,silver&gold) for example level3 wizard could levitate and so on... The player could transform into any of these characters, as soon as he had got the bronze statue (?) of each 'race'. Sorry for the weird explanation, hope someone recognizes this....

That would be '' (yes that's the full title).

I'm sure of it.

I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. I uploaded it to my Photobucket account and posted it for you.

That's not really one of my favorite games. I found it a bit weird and cheap at points. Maybe I'll give it another chance later.

It's very "cheap" (especially on the guild challenges).
When it comes to the whole 'Wizards & Warriors' series, I really only liked the first game.
'Iron Sword' is cheap also (but you got to love that box cover).