need help finding a game!

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I used to play this game with my brother that was so fun. I'll prolly think it sucks now and I can only remember pieces of it but here goes nothing. It was a type of puzzle game that had a birdseye view. You were some character, I think a type of block, and had to find an object (maybe a key) to end the level. The levels would get progressively harder and on each level the enemies would move in a set path. You had to dodge them and could push certain objects to block them I think. I remember some of the levels had rivers and some had grass. It was only a one-player game. Sorry about the vagueness but if anyone knows what I'm talking about I could use the help. Thanks.

sounds to me like the Lolo games are a possible candidate.

hmmm... maybe The Adventures of Lolo? Was it a room-by-room game? There weren't any keys, but you had to open a treasure chest to unlock the door to the next room. Check the link:

You are money, thats it. My brother is buying it as we speak I am so pumped up to play it. Thanks so much.

That game hurt my brain when I was 9 and the music just made me want to shoot my self at times

All in all, I respected the challenge of it

The Adventures of Lolo games are all brilliant! I wish HAL would make a new Lolo game.