Can you identify this game?

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Hey everyone

There was this game i used to play, in a NES like platform called Family Game, (some games for it where for NES too), it was an action game, with a guy with sunglasses i think, who carried a boomerang. I think it was called something like Blade Runner but i can't find any NES ROM with that name.
I think the last level was level 8. There were passwords, i remember.
God, it was beautiful... The music was great too.

Anyone have any idea?

hmmm... POWer Blade?

If that's not POWer Blade I'll eat my hat.

Here's some screenshots for you:

If it's that, it's probably POWer Blade 2.

I certainly hope Daynum doesn't have to eat his hat! If you do, throw some BBQ sauce on it!

Yup, that be POWer Blade. If it's not, i'll be darned.

Yup POWerBlade great game. The guy reminded my of Albert Wesker of resident evil.

Just a little!
I think I might had played this along time ago.

"Yup" bandwagon!

It's 'POWer Blade' and/or 'POWer Blade II'.

yeaaah that's it!
Thnks a lot guys!

Phew, no hat supper for me.