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Hi, i was playing the game using Emulation. I got to the stage with the CowBoy boss. But i am unable to defeat him. I must have hit him 1000 times with both the guns collected at this level. But no luck.

Is there any special way to defeat this boss?

I've heard that you need a specific weapon to beat, and then it still takes 20 minutes to beat him.

I remember I got stuck at the cowboy boss too. That game is a pain.

He's invincible. Give up now.

Well, i already gave up.
I guess if you can't get things the easy way you have to be bit tough and cheeky.

Does any one know any cheat code that i could use to defeat him quickly. Or at least by pass the stage.

Here's what is written in a strategy guide for 'Time Lord' found at gamefaqs.com.

Boss: Man in a Sombero:

This is the boss fight that can make or break your game! The way to defeat
him is to stay behind him, shooting him rapidly with your pistol. And when he
turns to walk the other way, jump over and through him and shoot him in the
back. Keep doing this repeatedly. It might take you all the way to
April/May/June(!) to defeat him! I wish the game had boss meters! If you
can't beat him, I say give up now, 'cause the rest of the game isn't going to
be any easier!

I haven't tried this strategy, but apparently it takes about 1 million hits to beat him.

The rest can be read here...

No mention of any kind of "special weapon" though.


Well they mention to use your pistol. I haven't played the game myself but there are apparentely some more weapons in it, which would be uneffective against that boss.