ff9 download?

In Final Fantasy

i want to play ff9 bandly,not even in stores now...and i dont hav cd...not even a way to get through the emulators.is there a site to download Final Fantasy 9? i want to play badly...plz if u kno a site where i can download this game,tell me plz.

thank u

Or if you don't have a credit card or paypal account, go to any place that rents out video games, and they should have a copy for you to buy at a reasonably low price.

Also, some Ebay users except money orders. You could use those.

Oh, that too. I forgot about that method. Funny seeing as I used to do that before I had a CC.

The bottom line is, don't come here looking for downloads of newer games. Especially when the download will be 2GB or more.

Learn how to use bitTorrent, and find them on your own.

I also can just advise you to look around rental video shops or eBay or other auction platforms. It should be easy to find.

Downloads often don't even work from what I've heard.
There is an iso for this on a bt tracker (2.44GB) I sometimes visit, but all the comments say it doesn't work.
If you badly want to know the place, pm me.

if you want Final Fantasy 9.. you will need bittorrent... u will get in here

after you will need to go to

after you will need a emulator...

I even did the search for you.

also any of your playstation games you have... you can extract and convert it to avi.. 2 play the movies