Just started to play FF2, and...

In Final Fantasy

...it is amazing. I was just wondering, what I should start buy for all my people? I have most of them in leather armor, and some have sheilds.

Well...I only played this game via the GBA version...I didn't use shields at all, I used purely 2x 1 hand weapons and the bow for one character.

That was the first ever RPG game I EVER played.

Have at least one person have a bow. And once you choose certain weapon types for each character, don't switch.

didn't i say that? Anyways, yeah you can switch up weapons...you get to a point that your skill advances so fast (especially if you equip 2 of that type weapon)...and it's also better to be able to use a variety of weapons to take adavntage of some of the amazing weapons.

Yes, you did, I was just confirming the wisdom of it.

I don't remember how far I got, I think I remembegetting a coward for a person, after that the rest is a blur