Final Fantasy IX (FF9)

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What do you think?
This is the part that interests me on PS.

Anybody played it? From what I've read it has a good battle system.

How would you rate FF9?

I appreciate your thoughts. Please let me know.

I own FFIX, and I played it non-stop until completion after I got it for christmas the year it was released. it's a very solid title, probably one of the better modern FF games.

it has more of an old-school feel to it, more like the SNES Games, but much larger and improved graphically.

the story is fantastic, and there is always something to do, very good sense of direction, so you rarely feel that you don't know what do to next.

and there is a card game within FFIX as well, a very simple and enjoyable card game, my only beef with it was that you can only have one of each card if your aim is to collect them all, since there is a limit on the total number of cards you can have, which I believe is 100.

in conclusion, if you liked the other Playstation FF titles, this one won't disappoint you.

Oh, there was the sentence I wanted to read:


That's what I'm searching for. Old-school titles with good graphics.

That game is in the top3 of my to-buy-list.

Final Fantasy 9 is one of the best story line games I've seen. I got this game back when it came out and played it so much I wore it out. It didnt have scratches, just stoped working. lol. I had to buy a new copy last year. but Final Fantasy 9 is a must have game for the Playstation.

I havent even played any FF game after 8. I need to start playing some modern FF games and i wanna get 9 but people keep having mixed opinions on it. I hope its a good game.

really didn't care for 9