I don't like Final Fantasy 1 !!

In Final Fantasy

I don't like Final Fantasy 1. Each time i've tried to start the game, i have been beaten quickly. Is there any way to overcome the first battles without being defeated?? Any proper combination of characters ???

As with any Rpg, You cant Just jump right in. You need to properly equip your guys with weapons and armor. You also need to level up slowly with easy battle until you are storng enough. As for character line up, I usually go with:

And WMage

Generally, take the money you begin the game with, and buy weapons and armor, fight around the outside of town for a while so you're close to the inn in the event that you're injured, and then after gaining a few levels, carry on to the north the face Garland, as for a party, I usually go with Fighter, White Mage, Black Mage, Red Mage.

That's the party that I generally go with. On the regular NES, I usually keep fighing until everybody is at level 4 or 5, though that takes awhile. On some of the newer releases, it's quite easy to buy your weapons, armor, and magic and go directly to Garland and defeat him.

agreed, but I'll have to control myself... I feel a Dawn of Souls rant coming

I've tried that party combo, and it worked OK. It's kinda weak sometimes when fighting. I've tried a few other combos, including 4 fighters, 2 fighters and 2 mages(can't remember which), etc. I think the farthest I got was with 2 fighters, 1 mage and a thief... I really wish I had time to finish the game...


oh, I'll be putting tons of time into it when Dawn of Souls is in my paws

I've tried that party combo, and it worked OK. It's kinda weak sometimes when fighting.

I always made sure that I had all the magic purchased that I could. The Red and White mage are pretty decent fighters, as long as their weapons are up to date with the rest of the game. The Black Mage needs magic to help out at all. The spells get pretty POWerful as the game progresses, too.

my black mage always seems to die after every other fight, they really need more HP

The main problem I had with the Black Mage is when I'm in boss fights and really tough battles. The White Mage and sometimes the Red Mage have different spells you can use to help protect against certain attacks. But, yes, the Black Mage really could use more HP.

You know i bought the game but only played it twice, i have to get into it soon but now i have some others keeping me occupied.
I'll check it out soon with the party selection from you guys and try it, cause i was killed after the second battle i think last time i played it.

The main problem I have with this game is those god awful popup battles. I dont usually mind them that much, but the fights were so big and complex all the time. It really turned me off of the game, and I never finished it. And am i the only one that found it really boring as far as plot goes?

I'll agree that the plot is pretty generic, it lacks the thought of even FF2. and it is confusing at times trying to figure out what to do next, since there are no scenes to show you exactly what it is. but it's a solid game, and it's what set the standard for a lot of RPGs today.

man, ther first time I played Final Fantasy I almost die in the first battle, then lose about two guys in the 2nd. I kind of like Dragon Warrior more than Final Fantasy although the price of the two beg the differ.

a great beginner party:

2 fighters
1 red mage
1 white mage

I don't care for Final Fantasy either. Or the following two installments in the series for that matter. They started getting good with FF4 because the characters and story began to develop depth and personality. They were more like real games rather than a ridiculously long series of tedious battles in order to defeat a boss in order to start the cycle of tedious battles/leveling up again. Same reason I don't like old Dragon Warrior games, although DW is about seven times worse.

Wow! Long time no see, judge!

I can see points about that kind of thing, but I think they were what they were. When the games came out, I loved them! I still do, don't get me wrong, but the character building in some of the newer titles gets to be rather... I don't know... tedious. Just like every other newer game, every character has some sort of sob story. This is really prevelant in say... the MGS series (not so much the third one, thankfully). I just get tired of hearing all these depressing things that different characters have been through.

Give me a means to level up and earn money, and I'll jam the hell out of the game.

me eithar i hate it its just to plain