Sakaguchi Hironobu works for Microsoft!

In Final Fantasy

The "father" of the Final Fantasy series will produce 2 RPGs exclusively for Xbox2.
It's sad, but true. Why doesn't the guy produce for Revolution?

one simple word: Money. MS has piles of it, some would say unlimited. what they're doing with this, is trying to force FF fans to to the Xbox. Of course nobody will pay attention to the fact that he hasn't worked for Square in 4 years now... I didn't find it to be all that big a deal when I read the news last night.

One thing is sure: I won't buy an Xbox, just because that guy makes a game for it. I didn't even buy a PS2 because of FF. (I just got a PS1 for free. )
I hope Square will make a good RPG for Nintendo Revolution... *sigh*

As long as they don't have Uematsu and Amano on their side also, I wouldn't be worried.

You can't have 'Final Fantasy' without the whole team.