Anyone here going to get FFIII for DS? + IGN REVIEW

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Anyone here going to get FFIII for DS? I heard that the Online Feature is just an Emailing thing of some kind. When I get a DSlite I wouldn't mind checking out FFIII DS. Here is IGN's review:

Closing Comments
Even though we personally had a blast with Final Fantasy III, this one is going to be a serious judgment call on a gamer-by-gamers basis. For any unassuming casual gamer out there, be warned, as Final Fantasy III hits hard and plays like the demanding days of old. We’re talking tons of random battles (every five or so steps in some cases), inns that don’t revive dead characters, and instant death battles that don’t hesitate to kill unsuspecting explorers that feel the need to wander too far from the… “strongly recommended” path the game delivers. The job system is solid (though definitely trumped from other Final Fantasy games), but the overall experience is very traditional and pretty straightforward. Things like the moogle mail, which allows users to send messages to each other in an Animal Crossing-like manor via the Nitnendo WiFi Connection is pretty cool, but it’s also more of a side activity than a needed addition to the game.

If you’re looking for more of an innovative take on a DS RPG, you may want to check out Magical Starsign instead, or just bite the bullet and grab the recently released Final Fantasy V for GBA. If you think you can hack it with Final Fantasy III, by all means press forward. Just know that the game definitely has its flaws, lacks a ton of DS presentation, and can be incredibly difficult despite its downright entertaining core. For the hardest of the hardcore gamers though, the decision to pick up Final Fantasy III was made well before you read this review. Either you need this game or you don’t. Plain and simple.

6.0 Presentation
The storytelling is great, though the overall usage of dual screens is very slim. Though the game has a dated feel, it’s still classic Final Fantasy, which will be hit or miss for players.
9.5 Graphics
Stunning. Final Fantasy III looks beautiful, and the FMV work just adds to the already impressive visuals. It’s truly better in 3D.
9.0 Sound
The orchestral score is emotional and driving, though it isn’t the best of the series. The audio provides the necessary mood of the game, and it does great job throughout.
7.0 Gameplay
Final Fantasy III feels a bit dated, but still achieves the classic spirit of the game and is a ton of fun. The job system was deep for its time, but is a bit lacking by today’s standards.
8.5 Lasting Appeal
Along with the main game the DS offers moogle mail and new side quests. The battles can get stale, but the overall adventure could last hardcore players well over the 60 hour mark.



If i ever get A ds its going to be the first game i pick up.

I thought about importing it, but after reading the reviews I decided to wait a bit longer. I don't want to throw out 5800 Yen for it (yet).
As it sold quite well I'm looking for good used deals when I'm in Japan again.
Until that I *could* play my copy of FFIII on my Famicom, but I don't have the time to Hook it up anyway...