Fighter Solo !!

In Final Fantasy


Going to be a easy one.

Im probly gonna die beacuse i had a grossly overpwerd team last time see

Got the ship to elfhiem.

Are you using easy mode, or classic mode, if you don't mind my asking?
It looks like you used easy mode on your overPOWered team, so I'm curious.

I actually forgot all about that mode :P

What ever difficulty it is on the Gba Version.

Current stats.

To the marsh cave.

Astos now.

Why Death..... Anyway

Finaly to the earth place hopefully I dont go psyco.


Wow The Entire Dungeon was harder than the boss

Now to leave and come back again GOD THIS IS FUSTERATEING.

Are you playing straight through or POWer leveling? I imagine straight through. Good job! Thanks for the updates.

Striagt through i get more exp becuse its just me.

These also.

The Quest continues..

Stats (Changed Colors again easier on the eyes.)


Stats Going for Lich now

HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA After about 27 tries

Its time to become a Knight And not be Suicidal


Lets Go Kary!!!



Current Stats

Christ on buckwheat All this in one day? You're going to be seeing that game in your dreams, man!

I just beat Kraken

Also Sorry for the Omni-Quadra-Dual-Tri posts

Damn, you're fast!
Thanks for that NES ROM link again; this is as far as I got today (with a party of 4 ), before having to help a friend work on his car today, lol:

...It's nice to actually be able to SEE the game, without those battery-sucking GBA lights (I've got one of the old ones that needs a worm light and all that crap).

Heh yeah Its A pretty crypitic Game it dosent tell you where to go at all Considering Im going to be done with this one today ill let you pick my next solo.

Oh, I've finished the game before (the original NES version; I've never completed DOS yet), I just didn't have the time to do anything today.
I would suggest a Red Mage; haven't seen a solo quest with him before, and Teh1337Muffinman would be proud.

Sure Its going to be A Cake walk Till class change then it will be Meh city...


Got the rosetta stone

And stats

I beat the game now


Seeing you progress so quickly just reminds me how much easier the GBA version was...

Maybe I should bust out my GBA.

the reason im not done now was that i had to go to my dads.

Done Ill load up my file again to take a screenshot later.
Do I even Need one

Up Next R Mage.

Ha-ha, well done! The old lady is watching me play the game on the computer (she played FF before I ever did), and is marveling at the differences (of course, she couldn't see DOS when I played it on the GBA). I've conquered the first castle (as evidenced from my new avatar, lol).
Did you come up against Warmech on the bridge?

No acually in the Many times ive played this ive never seen War mech if some one could post a photo of what it looked like

I did owever fight the abss worm