Post Your teams And Names Here FF I.

In Final Fantasy

Mine For Dawn Of Souls was


Theif (Dead till class change) Genji

Black Belt (Dead till class change) Master

Red Mage Celice.

It's always been the same thing, and I haven't played it in awhile, but I have both the original game and Dawn Of Souls:
Fighter: Todd
White Mage: Marc (short for my wife's name)
Black Belt: Ron
Black Mage: Rob
The last two are twin brother friends of mine, and Ron actually does take karate classes!

I took a my time to decide whether I wanted to post in this thread or not. I guess I do. My current party can be seen in

It's a theif.

My next party will be as overPOWered as possible, however, to make up.

Reminds me of my Bm solo only Theif solo is Horrid I got to the ice cavern and just gave up Are you class changeing this run or just theif. i soloed just Bm.

I'm class changing. I'm not crazy enough to go it without Fast and the Katana.

My line up is usually:

Fighter: Roth (of course :P )
Red Mage: Han
White Mage: Hubs
Black Mage: Hekl

Sometimes I'll opt to use a thief instead of the Red Mage, and his name is sVen... yeah, sounds gay when pronounced like that, but I was always a dork and pretended the "s" was silent.

I once came up with a team that I planned to be unstoppable, but I had to give Dawn of Souls back to Koryu so I've forgotten all about it.

Fighter - Shasta

Red Mage - Fanta

Black Belt - Pepsi

White Mage - TaB

Using bevarage POWer, I quickly delved into the game leveling up swiftly. But I soon fell to foolishness, journeying into the Earthgift Shrine. Doom is in there. Nothing else.

Of course, in the file preceding that, my team was an amazing party led be me and backed by the alter-egos of my friends, who I cunningly created as undead zombie ninjas so that the story would all fit. I think...

Red Mage - Xno (Primary alias)

Black Mage - Bryanus

Fighter - Teonfa

White Mage - Seraphea

That one didn't get to far.

Fighter - Cecl
Bl. Belt - Edge
W. Mage - Rosa
B. Mage - Tela

I started out on Final Fantasy IV (II US) if you can't tell.