Best. Hack. Ever.

In Final Fantasy

Here's an awesome Mario hack. Go down the list to Black Mage Mario.

He really should've replaced Bowser with Chaos....

That was cool. There's a whole lot of things they could have replaced, though (the turtles could have been turned into imps, etc.)
I got a kick out of how the Black Mage gets his "Promotion" when he gets the (mushroom? Red crystal ball?), and how there's absolutely no movement when he climbs the vines.

Still better than Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Evil Dead edition. What a waste...

Yeah. I found a lot more unique stuff after I played through the whole game, and I particularly liked this oddity:
Oh, yeah, and it's an ORB, ToddVania. Not a "Crystal Ball!"

Oh yeah... I remember you talking to me about this when you showed me all the other hacks you had on file. You were playing the... black costume one at the time, right? Well, I really would like to get in touch with these guys and request a Red Mage Mario. He should shoot scrolls, POWerup from hats, and have to fight a giant d20 or something at the end.