ff1 dawn of souls. How do you cure stone?

In Final Fantasy

I recently tried out Dawn of Souls and im playing FF1. One of my characters unfortunetly has gotten stone cast on him. How do I cure it because ive seen no items in shops that cure it and no spells so far. I probably missed the towns that sold the item to cure it but not sure.

Been a while since I played Dawn of Souls, but I think it was the "Golden Needle" that cures stone...

This is a video game discussion forum. Someone posting and asking where to find so-and-so NES ROM is pretty sad (unless it's a tough one to find), but when someone asks for help on a game it's a totally different story. If you don't know the answer, don't reply with something like that. That's not very cool at all I'm sure NG4005 knows about Gamefaqs, and if he wanted to go there he would have. Chill with the smart remarks and nothing posts.

Gold Needle, yes. Further, you should be able to buy them at the Elf town. I'm you're at the vampire, and that's why you can't find any.

Gold Needle, yes. Further, you should be able to buy them at the Elf town. I'm

Haha, Sort of. I just finished beating the Vampire and on the way back these enemies called coktraices (I think are their names anyway) stoned one of my warriors and I had but one of those gold items and I had already used it before. Think ill check out and see if I can buy some. And thanks above posters for the help.

I found the item to cure it in Elfheim village. I must say that this game is really fun to play. I had origins on Ps1 but I misplaced it. Glad I could still play this fun game though. I might try to play through the original FF1 someday.

I've always found it funny that a . I mean, if anything, you would get stoned from the needle. So remember kids, if you're feeling a little down or ailed, just get your handy dandy needle and inject those troubles away. Heh heh heh heh... well, I've had my fun. Ok I'm done.