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if anyone has played this or better yet, beat this game, what was your total playtime?


if anyone has played this or better yet, beat this game, what was your total playtime?


I played FF3(USA) on the SNES. It was quite enjoyable, but I didn't beat it(didn't have the time). I'd estimate I played it for 20-30 hours total maybe...


The last time I played FF3 ( US FF3 = FF6 ) was after it's release on snes. If I remember right it was around 70 hours. I have the remake on playstation but haven't had a chance to play it yet.

Seventy hours sounds about right...

This one is my favorite of all FF games...

Seventy hours just seems like so long for one game. I can't hardly stand four hours! I get burnt out, with exceptions.

It took me about 70 hours also.

And I forgot to rescue the ninja guy on the floating continent!
Oh the humiliation! 70 hours and I still didn't get 100%.

The final battle was rather impressive I thought.

for ff3 i usually take like 50-60 hours to go through and beat it without really having any trouble

if you haul ass and just try to beat it (without side quests and unnecissary lvling) you can do it in 25-30 hours on the clock (will take much longer cuz youll die alot)

ff3 my fav game though =)

Leveling up takes time. Around 70 hours is a good time.
You should know what you are paying for.

the number 1 reason people fail at RPGs is because they don't level up enough... I very rarely get stuck on bosses or anything, and in the event that I do, I usually have a backup file from a short while before. So I load that one and continue to level.

That's how I do it, too.
Saving often especially before critical situations.
I like levelling up. It's a good feeling to be "stronger".

One of the most accomplishing feelings on an RPG is when you get to a boss and beat him in only a couple of hits! I love being leveled up so much that it's pathetic! Really makes you feel POWerful on the game!

But sometimes it's boring... I killed the Terranigma boss with 2 hits or so... Just a bit TOO easy.

Yeah, you're right about it being more boring. If you defeat a boss in the way I described, it gives you less of a rush during the battle. Definately more fun to fight a longer fight... still fun to beat quickly, though!

well, I don't level up stupidly high, if the game is well designed the experience should slow to a crawl when you're high enough to take the boss with some challenge, but still be assured of defeating it if you use common sense.

Exactly. I like when the experience you gain is pretty much on by the time you get done searching a dungeon and finding the boss of the level. That's about the best part about newer RPG's. They are usually dead on. The older games (though I enjoy them more) had it to where you ran around to level yourself up. I do like the newer, steady way better.

I only have one game where I gaines perfect stats, and that's Secret of Mana. I played it so long that everything and everyone is on the highest level.