final fantasy 11 coming to xbox360

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the new Final Fantasy 11 is coming to xbox 360... that is a huge... square work with Microsoft...

Old news. The game will be the same if not changed alittle since the PC version...

I played FF11 for over a year on the PC on the Midgar server, finally gave it up about 8 months ago to due to the massaive inflation and the constant Gil farmers.
I was able to get Ranger and Samurai to past lvl 60 something, but the constants 5+ hours to wait for a PT kinda killed that and I went to Beastmaster.
I did fish up 10,000 carp for my Lu shangs, I gave everything away before I quit.
I do hope they make a new Version of FF online, as it was a great run for over a year.

hey that is alot of work place in the game... yes the new FF11 for xbox will be more improve graphics, details, etc.... but it won't be release for another 6 months,, may 1 2006.... also there will be like the upgraded version with more gameplay.

Yeah, I heard about that. Not very interested. In fact, the 360 game that has me interested is Mass Effect. Man, that game has me drooling.