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i have recently started playing ff1 on nes and i got a quick question. what lvl do you get to to get in the second character class. like i know the fighter becomes a knight and so on. but when does this occur. my team is fighter, fighter, black belt, and a red mage. my logic is, two fighters to deal lots of damage, black belt to deal damage and not have to spend alot of money on armor and weapons, and a red mage for low level magic and still a desent fighter. any input would be cool. thanks guys

edit---- also on my black belt i have wooden armor and wooden nunchucks equiped. i also have gloves on him.. in the other threads i see everyone says to not equip anything on him. should i do this even at lower lvls?? he is probally like a lvl 9..

Unequip him at 10 or so. You can keep armor on him, though, once you get a nice selection. It's basically the same.

And you class up once you do the tail quest. You don't have to be at a specific level.

thankyou very much.. thats very helpfull. makes alot more sense now

Definetly drop his armor and weapons. He hits a lot faster that way and deals more damage.

Um, the party arrangement, you should have more "magic" users in there, but hey whatever (I think the monk can never use magic).

The best arrangement (in my opinion) is fighter, black belt, white mage, black mage.

Red mage is a suitable choice. He gets all the useful spells save, like, Nuke. Don't get me wrong. I enjoy the white mage and the black mage as well...

the bb was a waek link i gave that game up and restarted with three fighters and a red mage.. i have been ruling with this team..

Yep, for the first while you will... wait until you need some magic...

I would think you'd have no problem at all with that team. Fighters are tanks. Just make sure to invest in the Fast spell.

i was under the impression a 3 fighter, rm team could take it all the way easy...

I would agree with that.

At least, bare minimal, you should have 1 fighter, and the white and black mage. The fighter gets the xcalibur, the white and black mages get the best magic (red mage can't get some later spells...but apparently they can, but not till the final castle and by that point wtf...)

The other guy you get is optional, but the thief sucks till the muramase sword (when he becomes a ninja), so the black belt is best choice in my opinion.

I have beaten this game many times, wrote a walkthrough ect...just stating how I did it.

I only used 1 fighter, 1 Theif, a Black and a White mage and I kicked Chaos's but

As I'm staying away from the FAQ sites, I just figured I'd ask a question here. I'm having no trouble with anything else, but is there ever a better weapon for the Black Mage than that 10 G small sword or whatever it is? I've wasted bookoo bucks trying to equip him with staffs. And I rearranged my team to a Fighter, White Mage, Black Belt and Black Mage. Got LIT2 and the monsters in the sea are giving up mass EXP and gold due to 'ol sparky. I like the route between Coneria & Elfland; cheap Inn & lots of gold & EXP.

I beleive there's a medium dagger or some such at elfland. The next weapon after that is the POWer Staff, obtainable from a chest after you get the Herb the people kickin' around elfland want you to get.

Beyond that, there's not much until closer to the end. You should be finding alternate ways to attack with blacky before that, anyway.

Thanks for the tip. I've been in Elfland a bunch of times and I didn't think about that sword. Also boated up to the Dwarf Cave yesterday.

I'd tell you alot of stuff about such things, but then again, my information sucks almost as much as KoRn does. You could probably get really helpful RPG information from Red Mage of 8-bit theatre. On the home of 8 bit website, .

PS: Don't mention KoRn to him.

PPS: He isn't always helpful with FF questions, as in a reality where he exists in it, the game does not exist... or something.

Don't give up on the black belt. About level 11, you can have him attack bare handed. Eventually, I believe he even surpasses the fighter in passing out damage.

Someone mentioned the party of fighter, black belt, white mage, and black mage.

I think another good alternative would be fighter, black belt, white mage, and red mage.

I usually use Fighter, White Mage, Black Belt, and Black Mage, (of course, they're all differently named in the Dawn Of Souls, which I'm currently playing), but the next time I play, I believe I'm going to give the Red Mage & the Theif a try, just to see what happens. It seems the Red Mage is a very versatile character.
And you're right--the Black Belt is the character you have to spend the least amount of cash on, armour and weapon-wise. Being the cheap bastard that I am, I'll probably always have him in the party for that reason.