Speed runs?

In Final Fantasy

Next week is my reading week, and I think I'm going to try to speed run this game with my free time. I have a basic plan in my head for how to go and whet treasures to get and how many risks to take...

can't play it too safe.

Anyway, the general idea is to have 2 living characters so they level up quickly. I was thinking a black belt for offence and a red mage for fast/curing. That way, I wouldn't really have to waste time with much equipment and could still be a devistating force. I would also be able to skip most treasures.

This is kind of a basic plan. The exact route would have to be mapped out later. What do you guys think?

Hmm depends is this FF On NES or the Origins FF on ps1? Id say thats pretty cool but expect major difficulty in the starting run.

I would say to track down current speed runs and see what strategies others used.

Oh im quite sure hes doing the NES version
Make us proud, OSG.

Yeah, it's the NES version. I recognize the difficulty in the early goings. I guess I'd have to use 2 fighters as my other members and let them fall veurses the Wizards in the marsh cave or somewhere around there.

I would also save, POWer the game off, fight kyzokus in the sea, and repeat to save up some coin. It would be hard for sure.

Also, the only speed runs I know of are the TAS runs on Bisquit's site. Those strategies are totally unviable for a real time run, due to the psychotic ammount of luck manipulation used.