Final Fantasy 2 BIG dissapointment

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Well a while back i tried FF2 on origins for ps1. Im very very shocked at how horrid the leveling system is. Its really rediculous how you have to get hit to get your hp up and what not. It seemed like it would be a great game but the leveling system just really killed it for me. Did anyone else have this problem with the game as i did?

I know how you feal but don't fear FF2 REmixed will have an all new Level system! And I will fix the probs that FF2 had!

I hated that for a while then I began to be able to deal with it and the only decent way I could come up with was to go into an area I maybe wasn't supposed to be in just yet, so my guys struggle against the weakest enemies in the area, this way I could still win battles and my hp would drop. Overall, I do think it's annoying though.

What's this FF2 REmixed? I never heard of such a thing

What's this FF2 REmixed? I never heard of such a thing

If you have been around, I have made a Hack of FF1 called FF1 REmixed! its due to be out for download this Monday! And if things go well then FF2 REmixed is on its way I'm aiming for Nov/dec date for that game.

The FF1/FF2 game for the GBA ditched the level up system.

Personally, I kinda liked the level up system. I liked how the characters' skills with individual weapon types increased, and I friggin' loved the dual wielding. Leveling up was irritating as hell, but dammit, it was ambitious. They creators sat there and thought, sure, we can make the same game and people will buy it, but on the other hand, we can make a key part of it completely different, and hopefully, it'll kick ass.

Modern game designers should start playing some Nintendo.

I wish they didnt change it though. If it aint broke dont fix it but still i guess they wanted to try something new in FF2 and iti kinda failed to me anyway. I mean Zelda II: The Adventure of Link was different but i liked it for some reason. And smb2.