In Final Fantasy

I just thought up a really smart idea. most Final Fantasy games are on Playstation One, right? well, PSone's are only 80 bucks w/ an LCD screen at wal-mart. Im thinking about buying one and buying up all the Final Fantasy games for PSone off ebay. 'cus thats now the only reasson I'd want a PS. and instead of blowing alot of cash for a PS2 and only playing haveing FFX and X-2 and the rest old PSone games, just buy a PSone. hmm... how to pull 80 bucks out of my ass...

hmm.. To bad you traded your ps2, huh? But yeah, i say its a good idea..


Just wait, ps2 will hit that sooner then you think, bottom will drop out once ps3 is on the way, since ps3 is backwards compatible, everyone will be dumping ps2 like garbage.

I thought the PS3 was not going to be able to read PS one games?
Wow, alot of spelling erros in that post
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I heard on G4tv that the PS3 was being pushed back because PS2 sales are too good for them to bust out the new system.

Belive nothing, until the machine is in your hands, and yes OneGenerationTooLate, apprently it is going to be backwards compatible with all, but as I just said... don't belive it until you see it!