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Has anyone played this one? I've played Final Fantasy 7, 8, 9, 10 and some of 10-2 but not Final Fantasy on NES. is it any good you think? I think its great how Final Fantasy started on Nintendo. thats cool.

Its a great game, and you should pick it up.

oh, I did. Im a Final Fantasy nut. even if it sucked I'd still play it.

Well, you should start playing it now. It took me (to get everything), about 80 hours to complete the game.

That game is literally my longest played game of all time. Metal Gear Solid 3 I played for 18 hours straight...

I was on leave while in the Marine Corps, and was staying at a buddies' house. Of course, he had an NES Hooked up &) So I commenced to playing Final Fantasy since I hadn't played NES in... psh... who knows how long. I literally started that game and finished it before I turned it off Zombie I was! It took well over 24 hours, and my friend didn't say anything about it! haha He was like, "Man, I've never been here!" Wow... that was some time ago.

EDIT: I just noticed my post here. Actually, Metal Gear Solid 3 isn't my longest played game in one sitting. It's Final Fantasy. I stayed up from start to finish on that game.

That's crazy man. That game takes about 24 hours to complete. But in one sitting!

It's wicked fun trying to play through with just one character. Right now, I can get to Chaos with a single fighter, but I can't beat him.


What do you do? Kill everyone at the beginning (minus one), then don't revive them? If so, THAT'S crazy! What level do you end up getting to?

Yeah, I just kill everyone off at the beginning. I'm at level 50, but I can't beat him(Although I know some people have). There's a website where someone writes about beating the game with either 4 white mages, or one red mage. They say the hardest is beating it with just one thief, they're not sure if anyone's ever done it before. A fighter is supposed to be the easiest, but I can't quite do it.

Edit: I found the site, I think it's, but it seems to be down right now.

yeah that has to be one of the best games i have ever played. personally i think its better than FFX and FFX-2 but thats my opinion. I especially love the way you battle. i even have found a FF1 editor i think it is called FF Improvement or somthing along those lines... anyway just Google it you'll find it eventually. But yeah get the NES ROM test it out or do whatever get the game. just make sure u play it atleast once!!!

I worked on my game save on Final Fantasy and got all the way to where you have to go into the "swamps" or something like that and get a "crown" or something to make the elf ppl happy. When I started, I hadnt even beat the guy who kidnaped the princess at the start of the game and all my crew was at level 2. now theyre all a level 9. all I can say is that this is the #1 most hard Final Fantasy game I have ever played.

Im sorry to say as much as I love FF1 the fact is I hav never beaten it. Probably never even close probably...

Final Fantasy 2 (NES) is harder in my opinion.

You should beat this game. There's like a million walkthroughs for it (including mine=) ) and its not that hard...just level up and get good weapons and have a good arrangement of characters.

Just posting this makes me feel like a tard, but in a day or so, I'm going to dust off my FF1 game pak and play it for the first time. Any adVice? I've played Dragon Warrior and a lot of the Ultima games, and saw some of the FF games when my wife was playing them, so I may have a general idea, but...

My biggest problem was figuring out where the hell everything was. For some reason, I just couldn't get a layout in my head, like I could with Dragon Warrior. I had to get a map.

Heh. Yeah, I had the same problem with Ultima: Quest of the Avatar. I still have graph paper left over from when I played that one. I'm a little skilled at making maps, and I guess I'll have to do the same with FF1.

At the very least, use a Fighter and a Red Mage. The rest is all interchangable.

I've been playing for 3 days (about 2 hours a day as I've been extremely busy), and I've gotten seriously addicted like I thought I would. I'm using a fighter, red mage, a thief, and a black mage. Don't know if this is the best party, but it's working for me so far. I'm playing with no book and trying hard to stay away from the FAQ sites.

I struggled with the idea of starting a new topic for this, like "NOOB FF1 Progress," or something, and figured it would be amusing for experienced players of this game to watch a noVice, but rather than starting a whole new thread I figured I'd just post my progress in this FF1 section.
I just got the Mystic Key, got the canal dug, and am cussing at the 8000 G magic prices in the new town, and hanging around the island that looks kind of like a turd, wondering if it's anything significant.

Well, offed the baddie vampire, gave the Titan the ruby (?!) and got the Rod. And I thought I was done with that Earth Cave. Ha.
(Lev. 15; the Vamp went down with I think, two hits!!!!)

I should really pop Dawn of Souls into the GB player and finish it up some time...

I need to whittle down that list of half-finished games...

Which one is Dawn Of Souls? It sounds familiar, but can't place it. I probably saw the name here on the forums...
Anyway, killed Lich. That bee-yotch. He almost took down my White Mage. Almost. Messed around forever wondering what to do next, & finally caught the dock next to the town of Crescent Lake and scored the canoe. Woo! Leveling up, those 'pedes are nasty.

Dawn of Souls is the remake of FF1 and FF2 for the GBA.

Ugh. Just when I thought I was semi-done with "must-haves," I haven't used my GBA in awhile, I've got the ancient one without the light and it's hard to see, and those worm lights suck, but I'll have to pick this game up regardless.
Found the horrific Volcano, it doesn't look like much of a joyride..
PT. II--It wasn't. But not nearly as bad as the "unsavory*" ice cave. God, I got pissed. Mages killed my fighter and White Mage...I got particularly ticked because I gave the White Mage my wife's name. But I got the floater, and am wandering around the town of Gaia (took me awhile to find out you can't land the airship on anything but NES Files style green land; Arrgggh..)
*Unsavory Ice Cave phrase (C) OSG.
PT. III-Killing Kraken was an example of "overkill," (Lev. 32), with two attacks of the Fighter & Black Belt, he went down like a sack of potatoes.
The game's Achilles Heel is Money. Lots of it. Funny how some games mimic real life...

I think Final Fantasy 3 for NES is a little more fun, but the first game is still pretty special. I recall the most major annoyance I had when playing was that weapons and armor couldn't be stored in the main inventory, but had to be equipped on a character right away. That's not so good for an all-fighter team, since you have to magically know in advance whether the next piece of equipment you get is an upgrade or a downgrade so you know whether or not to throw away what you already have equipped. But maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Yeah, you're right. That is a little annonying, trying to figure out the "absorb," "evade," etc., percentages while getting a special item. Even more annoying than that is the lack of inventory space for the armor. Like, "gee, do I drop the Fire Armor for the Opal?" Stuff like that. I was about to drop the Zeus Gauntlet and thanks to OSG's posts I didn't; I didn't know you could use it as a weapon item.
Another annoying part, that's supposed to be fixed on Dawn Of Souls, I guess, is the "attacking nothing," where one of your characters hits empty space after that particular enemy is defeated. If that happened in the Ultima games, if I recall right, the attack would be dealt to the "default" enemy on the screen. I'm playing this for the first time, though, so these are only minor annoyances. It's a great game.

Yeah, sometimes it's fun to try to plan your strategies around the nothing-attacks.

Yeah. I think they should give a gold or EXP bonus when a well-thought out attack plan comes together.
Right now, I'm in the Floating Castle section of the Mirage Tower, still juggling that armor around., please..
PT. II: Just offed the Mirage Tower/Floating Castle last night. Damned green catmen.
I'm trying to gain as many levels as possible (right now I'm at 37), and I like to earn my money after a battle (ugh, why does it stop at 999,999G?), so I've got 99 Houses, 99 Potions of every type, 99 houses, etc., just to spend the cash.