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I noticed the other day that I have used the same emulator(s) since I can remember. In fact, I really haven't tried any other ones. After spending sometime downloading and experimenting, I came up with, IMO, the best emulators.

NES - NNNesterJ
Genesis - GENS

That's all I have for now.

NES - Nestopia
Genesis - Fusion

I don't really emulate many other platforms.

I don't use emulators very often, just to have a look at title screens or games I don't know from time to time.

NES: Nestopia
Gameboy: Visual Boy Advance
Mega Drive: Fusion & Gens
Master System: FreezeSMS

I have only two emulators worth mentioning. One is the JNES. It's an nes emulator. It works smooth and takes really good screenshots. Saving works well too. The other one is Project64, Nintendo 64 obviously. It works o.k. Gets glitchy sometimes, but saving is fine, plus all other n64 emulators work a lot worse in my opinion.

NES: VirtualNES
SNES: ZSNES, after finding SNES9X didn't support diagonal movement on a control pad. That, and it ran slow.
Genesis: GENS
MAME Version 110b, MAME Plus! 115, and another MAME version burned to CD-ROM that is Karellia hacked with fancy stuff.
Gameboy Advance: VisualBoy Advance.

Well, actually I use a lot VirtuaNES 'cause I think support more mappers so you can play weird and obscure games (Famicom and NES ones, including demos and protos, hacks, etc).
In the past I used to use Nestopia and Nesterj.