Full ROM file name sets

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Strange question, but I'll ask anyway.

Does anyone have full NES ROM sets (NES, SNES, Genesis, and/or Master System) where all the file names are the full game names? No abbreviated file names. The ones I have is abbreviated and it's hard to tell what games are what when you're looking through thousands of them.

I appreciate it. Thanks.

That'll convert your collection auto-magically so you don't need to rebuild your collection. Just google for the particular versions you need or sign up at their

Thanks for the link. It seems to keep crashing when I try to generate my NES ROM list. I'll keep messing with it. Thanks again.

Crashing? That's odd, GoodNES worked beautifully for me. Only a couple of NES ROMs were skipped, and even then, just because they were bad dumps or overdumps.

It's probably just a small problem.