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Has anyone actually played that commercial iNES emulator ()? As far as I know it was the first NES emulator ever, am I right there or do I err?
I now wonder: This emulator still costs 25$, so I'd like to know: Is it any better than the current freeware emulators? I mean: For me FCE Ultra is the top emulator. I tried different ones, but this one beats all. So, is iNES better than FCE Ultra? And: Is there a real reason to pay for iNES when there are so many freeware alternatives? (Not that I'm planning to buy it, but I'm just interested which features justify a price of 25$ versus 0$ if I use FCE Ultra.)

Well I wouldn't buy an emulator. You can buy a Famiclone for that price.

The specialty of this emulator seems to be that you can use it on pocket pcs and other portable deVices. I don't know if you can install other emulators on such deVices.
Another point is that the author says you get free updates by email. That's special, but I still wouldn't pay 25$ for it.
I'd stick with FCE Ultra.

Well, knowing about MArat's 6502 core is used in tons of emulators and others emulators use the code from the code from the code from MArat, I think a little reward to this guy who is like...mmm..."the father of Nes emulation" with other people I think it's worth $25.
I mean if you check his site you can see a lot of tools for future emulator developers for FREE, if that doesn't worth $25 I don't know what.
I think the cost of the emulator is not the cost of the emulator itself, it just help to this guy with his projects.