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hello guys hope u all fine
i want to play Bomberman & Super Mario Bros. (30.8 KB) (i ve tried download Super Mario Bros. and played snes9x-1.42-win32 but didn't work so pleez give me working NES ROMs of Super Mario Bros. and Bomberman)
and finalyy pleez tell me that can i play the NES ROMs on a MAME.
thank you.

Ok friend,
Last time i chcked i needed an nes emulator to play NES ROMs.
snes9x-1.42-win32 is an emulator for SNES. You need to find an nes one, which will most likely support the .nes file and some emulators even support .zip files.
I think you need to clarify the statement:
and finalyy pleez tell me that can i play the roms on a MAME.

MAME,multiple arcade machine emulator, is an emulator for arcade games. the NES is not an arcade machine. Mario Brothers and many other NES games existed as arcade games in addition to being released on a cart for NES. however, those would be different roms.
Furthermore, there are what are called 'frontends' which are often used in home-built MAME cabinets which allow the user to launch many different systems. however, using a frontend is basically just choosing an emulator and game. The front end doesn't do the emulating, it merely creates an instance of the emulator with that rom loaded.

You should check previous posts in the Emulators /NES ROMs section for help.

thank you. VirtuaNES is right enough it runs Super Mario Bros. well, and i noticed that is there the rom available more than 30.8 KB.
current rom i m playing is 30.8 KB but i need more than that, is it available in minimum 1MB.
also need Bomberman, coz i played various Bomberman on NEOGEO, MAME, but never played Bomberman on NES on my PC (i played it on video games shops) so i ve tried a lot for these two NES ROMs browsing too many web sites but in vain i couldn't get Bomberman rom for NES. so pleez give me link. or some one upload it for me thank you.

Is it THAT hard to click on the links that uglyjack posted that answered BOTH of your questions? And what exactly do you mean that you need more then the standard Super Mario Bros. NES ROM? Anything larger than that would just be an overdump containing extra useless data.