A Glitch On Final Fantasy III

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Last summer while I was playing Final Fantasy III when I came into entering the village of Gishal this is what the screen came up...

A screen that is totally messed up.

I can't even get inside that one house that has sheep in it and the only way out of this screen is the northwestern part of the area. Can't talk to people, can't do anything.

So two reasons to ask:

Is it just the emulator that messed up the NES ROM or Is it the NES ROM itself?

Possibly the NES ROM. I would also try a different emulator, like FCEUltra or something else.

Just what I thought. Well what I did was I avoid going to Gishal and move onto the game itelf

That'll work too. Where did you get the NES ROM from? I bet it's the emulator. I've tried the same NES ROM on different emulators before and had varied results.

A buddy of mine when I played Final Fantasy XI Online gave me the actual emulator and he had tons of NES ROMs too including Final Fantasy III. The FCEUltra you once mention doesn't have a controller input just a keyboard and gamepad input.

Gamepad is controller. Just click the configure button next to it to map out the controls.

Alright Gotcha Roth