A Good rom sharing program (nes, snes, gamegear etc)

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Here it is online

Or you can download it below

Once installed, this program gives you full access to about 5.27 GB worth of Gameboy Color, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Gamegear, Genesis, and Master System NES ROMs! As you know, NES ROMs for these systems are of very small size, mostly less than 1 MB. So 5,270 MB worth... Well, just click the link below to see for yourself!

Hope you like it

-the only link that functioned was the mailto webmaster link. Very little info, so I will try to suffice.

I installed it, and cancelled all the 180 & zango installations which come after the first installation. (that's adware to tag along). Even with that my Symantec threw a flag about being infected with MediaGateway.exe(Adware.mediapass).
Search ezroms on google and you hit adware city.

Now that you installed and ran the program..
The first screen is very sketchy. It appears to be some sort of thing that you would see on websites that try to get you to vote for them. It's just a link that says "enter ezroms" (or something like this). But you already had to deal with a caution pop-up window to get there. So you know what you're getting into.

You download the NES ROMs. There is no streaming or anything, it doesn't come with emulators. You just download the .zip files.

I downloaded Wheel of Fortune family edition for nes. played it just fine.
However, after the download navigation ceased and the program errored out..The process name when it's running is called 'browser.exe'

Pages can take a while to load since it seems that the program is essentially a browser that only allows you to browse the ezrom directories. Pages take a while since it loads every rom for the system onto a single page rather than breaking it down alphabetically or other ways.

The only information on a game is the file size and the file name.
"10-Yard Fight (U).zip 17KB" --you'll see a list of games formatted like that.

I think this software could go somewhere, but as of this version I feel inclined to say no, I don't like it. However, I would like it if it had additional features, such as a search, maybe sequel listings, Genres, or just information about the game. Company, year released, number of players, etc.. Perhaps a sorting feature?

Good thing I didn't install this... I downloaded it, then changed my mind (before I read this).

I would NEVER download and install a software to download NES ROMs. Hell is more likely to freeze over than I'd to that...

It's commonly known that such download software comes bundled with tons of spy- and malware.

Don't even have to look at the site. I see the word "adware" and yip like a puppy whose tail has been stepped on.

Well it might have alot of spyware etc. but i like it and yes i do with that they had search and the year and company and things like that but its alright for me im not exactly the master collecter of NES ROMs

Hey, I have good alternatives for this program. They are .

Hey, Those sites are all listed .

I think he was just pointing out how stupid it would be to download a program when you could just visit those sites.