Lament of Innocence

In Castlevania

So I finally got my hands on a PS2, and picked up this cart Castlevania: Lament of Innocence. Actually, my wife knows I'm a HUGE CV nut, and saw it before I did and grabbed it!

Anyway, I can't stop playing it! I bought the PS2 pretty much for MGS3, and have been completely sidetracked!

It's a 3D perspective game... and what I consider the first really good attempt at 3D Castlevania. It is kind of short (for you long game enthusiasts), but very fun! You learn different combos that you can do with your whip, and dodging. The bosses are extremely fun to fight. The regular enemies, the same.

Right now I'm going through it on crazy mode... and it certainly is that! If anyone owns a PS2, I highly recommend this...

TRAITOR!!!! Buying the evil console!!! ...

Was it the one with the new slim design?

"Crazy mode"?... Is that something like ultra hard or even harder?

Is it my fault they only released MGS3 on that system?

Yeah, it's a sandwich.

It's basically "F***in' Hard Mode!" I have to save every couple of minutes here in the early stages... not being POWered up has some drawbacks against these tougher enemies!

Who knows?

F***in' hard you say... well that's nothing for me. I love easy modes. Only in RPGs I wish they'd implement a hard mode sometimes.

Really!? What kind of sandwhich?
Is it ham on whole wheat with applesquash!?


I've heard that this 'Lament of Innocence' is an "adventure" game. I'm wondering how well it handles that style of game.

Are there lots of platforming elements as well?


Sandwhich huh...
I'll be dammed.

Really!? What kind of sandwhich?
Is it ham on whole wheat with applesquash?

Actually it's a peanut butter and squirrel sandwich... sounds kind of weird, huh? It's an acquired taste.

No, not so much. It's basically a beat 'em up. You learn combos to fight enemies. The platforming elements in the game don't include enemies, so it's a little different. Still, makes for a great game when you fight enemies 5-100 times your size!


Lament of innocence didn't have as many gameplay feature as i hoped.
I hope the next Castlevania at least incorperates some symphony f the night features like spells and form changing.

Aww heck, I only found out about this game just now.
Don't really feel it's worth buying a PS2 for, when I could be using the money to go towards the Nintendo Revolution and/or XBOX 360

Well i guess its offical. I need to get a ps2 now because so many games that werent released for it are not on the cube sadly. Those games sound fun.

Well, I didn't really compare the credits at the end of the game between the two games. I've heard that the music was written by the same composer(s ?). I think this is really possible, because it has the same kind of sound to it, and the same overall feel behind the beat.

I bought this game back in December for $5 at Toys 'r' Us.