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In Castlevania

Did you ever notice that the story of "Castlevania II - Simon's Quest" resembles the story of the beginning of the second season of "Buffy the Vampire Slayer"? Just think of it: Both, Simon and Buffy were cursed when they defeated their main opponent: Simon was about to die and Buffy started to act really strangely. So, both had to deal with their foe once again. Simon had to resurrect Dracula to kill him one more time and Buffy had to destroy the Master's skeleton.

i never noticed it, but that's probably because i could never sit through an episode of Buffy.

Buffy obviously got the idea from Castlevania.

I could never take the show seriously. A make-up queen who weighs probably 100 lbs. takes on demons.

Isn't that quite a normal, usual storyline?
That you have to face your enemy (=your fears) again?
It's has been in thousands of plays, books and movies already I think.