Game of the Week 35/2006: Castlevania

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Some hours late (I thought it was still Sunday! ), but here's the new game of the week:


Castlevania is called Akumajou Dracula (悪魔城ドラキュラ) in Japan and was first released for the Disk System in 1986.
The game was re-released on cartridge in 1993. This game is very rare nowadays and is often sold for over 10000 Yen (over 85$) CIB.

First game I bought with my own money (I was pretty young). I remember playing this at my neighbor's house (before I got it) and being in awe.

I also used to play it at Pizza Hut on the arcades where you kind of look down on the screen. It was there that I learned a couple secrets off a guy who worked there and played it religiously.

Pretty easy game (to me atleast) until about the 4th board boss if I remember correctly, maybe after that.

ToddVania/Castlevania...Gee, I wonder if I like this game or not?
This was around the third or fourth game I bought when it was new. I remember being very impressed with the graphics; at that time they were the best I'd seen on the NES, still are, on that system.
I love the gameplay, I remember when first playing it getting stuck in several places (Frankenstein and the Grim Reaper in particular), and it really took me awhile to solve it, actually.
And of course, it spawned a fantastic series. There's still a few I haven't played that I have to get into someday, and a few I have that I have to finish (still can't beat that Castlevania III)!
I'll play this one over and over. Oh, and cool pictures, Manuel! I've never seen the Japanese ones before. I had the box to my copy forever, it's disappeared somewhere down the line.
For me, the boomerang + the 3X shot is the big strategy!

I have a confession to male...

I just can't time the medusa heads for the life of me.

I haven't beaten Castlevania either... but I know I got past the second level. I'll have to see how far I can get this week.

Castlevania is a very good and entertaining game, not to forget challenging either. It's too bad that it had to get such a bad sequal..."Simon's Quest".

I like the whole consept and style of all the Castlevania games in general, I enjoyed "Castlevania: The Circle of the Moon" very much to mention one of the games of the series in particular.

I have a confession to male...

I just can't time the medusa heads for the life of me.
Bizarre link, 'Newb!
Yeah, the Medusa Heads are sticky in the 2nd level. I assume you're talking about the Medusa Heads/Pits Of Death area? Konami designers were pretty sadistic there.
For some reason, the Clock Tower area gets me to this day. All those damn giant bats at the start...ARRRGGH!

This seems to be another game where you love or hate it. Personally, I love this game; I always like it when they take an action game and make a quest game down the line (i.e. Mario RPG, etc.).
For the life of me, I still can't beat Castlevania III. I tried again last night. I just can't seem to choose the right "partners," I guess.

I'm in the same boat bro. I can't get past Stage 7 (The stage where the blocks are falling, and the Boss is a spirit that ressurects 3 different other bosses (first one is the Mummies, second one I only saw for a second and then I was dead, and the third I haven't even seen yet).

I have a confession to male...

I just can't time the medusa heads for the life of me.

jump and duck, jump and duck. and occasionally, swing the whip around a little

I'VE TRIED THAT. I always get hit when I jump, get hit when I duck, and get hit when I swing the whip. I fail at liiiiii

Hey Uber Newb, I don't have time to make a movie of the whole game right now, so I made one of the second level. It's not really too difficult once you get used to it.

I hope this helps some... everyone should beat this game at some point, it's such a great game in the NES library.