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I know this title was nowhere near the fine quality of Castlevania IV, and people usually dismiss it for that very reason... personally, though, I feel that Bloodlines got a bad rap. I think it's a fun, straightforward, and overall solid title that stays true to the series while taking a distinctly different approach. Any other opinions?

I've been looking for it for a while actually. It is a very solid game, and you have to love the way the enemies die, it's a nice Contrast from the NES/SNES Games.

I haven't played IV, so I can't comment on the differences, But I do like Bloodlines.

EDIT: I just did a quick few minute comparison. Bloodlines feels better to me, seems to play more smoothly. I like it better than IV.

I love all the enemies in the game... the mermen were nicely done, and the bosses had great designs.

My only problem with the game was that some of the levels were irritating... nothing to do with difficulty, though. For example; the way the water (and the reflections) keep zooming up and down in the second level... that drove me crazy!

I got the NES ROM of this one, and I've briefly played it, and it looks good. But I have yet to meet a Castlevania game I haven't liked yet. I regard III (NES) as a hard, hard game, and I've never beaten it, but I still like it.
Now, if I could only figure out SNES Nosferatu....

I as well liked bloodlines. It was somewhat different than the previous ones but I thought it was a fun fast and nice game and I finished it once with Licarde I think thats what his name was. I dont see why it got such a low and bad rep but I still think this is a solid title worth playing.

I picked it up a while ago, and it is really fun. I like it just as much as the ones for the NES. I never really played the SNES one/ones (not sure how many Castlevania games there were for the SNES).

Bloodlines kicks ass. Doesnt beat IV in an all around game....but i like the graohics for BL more than IV.