Belmont's Revenge: CV-inspired punk group

In Castlevania

This is the demo from a band several of my friends had a little over a year ago. This demo didn't turn out GREAT, but it's decent.

Belmont's Revenge classified themselves as "Progressive Nintendo Rock/Transylvanian Graveyard Thrash", but think of it as a mix between Castlevania and old Misfits. They did a couple Castlevania covers, and their original songs had a very strong CV influence.

34.4mbs (Complete, correct ID3 tags)

Here's a couple notes that I'm sure the band would like me to add (because they're seriously all very talented, and it doesn't really show in the demo):

This was recorded over a period of a couple weeks in the freezing cold in a warehouse on decent equipment operated by a kid that didn't really know what he was doing. Even though he didn't really have the technology to record track-by-track and try to mix it, that's what he did, and it occasionally falls out of sync, and levels are all over the place. Note that almost every song suffers from at least a little syncronization problems in at least one spot.

Track specific problems:
01 - Vampire Killer - Bad sync problems near the end
03 - Fire In The Sky - Severe sync problems, especially in the intro.
04 - Let Morning Vanquish This Terrible Night - Vocal track was not recorded.
07 - Stranger In The Graveyard - Vocal sync problems. Vocal track saved with TERRIBLE vocal effect.
08 - Holy Jesi - Echo effect nobody liked. Fixed in track 09 - Holy Jesi (No echo)

Complete track listing:
01 - Vampire Killer
02 - What A Terrible Night For A Curse
03 - Fire In The Sky
04 - Let Morning Vanquish This Terrible Night
05 - Near Dark
06 - Bloody Tears
07 - Stranger In The Graveyard
08 - Holy Jesi
09 - Holy Jesi (No echo)

i have this one because its Castlevania i hated it sooooooo much

I grabbed these tunes one night when I was at the school. I forgot to post about them though. It's some pretty cool stuff... the drummer in particular shows off some of his influences

Punk with keyboard. I'm loving it!

I listened to this earlier today.
Some of the original melodies are quite nicely put together.

see i was talking about the game i never heard band YET
the game is Castlevania II belomonts revenge for the game boy

The link doesn't work anymore?

yeah, now we got some NBA Site on our hands. Where did zombiehunter go anyway? He seemed like a good contributor to the forums.

I still have all those songs saved. I could make the zip file available for download (temporarily) if ZombieHunterX doesn't come back.