In Castlevania

Is Castlevania creepy to you? It is a bit to me especially that one night...

nah. i like creepy atmospheres in games. one game that did creep me out though was Resident Evil 4 even after playing through it twice, it still creeps me out.

For Me it'd be only on the Night Parts,

Castlevania isn't Creepy to me.

Castlevania doesn't creep me out a bit Now, if you want some really creepy atmosphere, here's what you do. Have all the lights out in your place of residence (during the night), and play some Silent Hill. Speaking of which... I may just do that this evening.

The heads! The heads!
...Clock tower...

I think when I was younger, Castlevania II would creep me out a bit when the Cursed Night would happen. I don't know. Jason used to scare the shit out of me in Friday the 13th because he'd pop out of nowhere.