Curse of Darkness

In Castlevania


I've heard good and bad, but all three people who reviewed it for EGM gave it decent reviews, and that's one of the few magazines whose reviews I actually pay attention to.

I wish I could get it, but I'm short on cash, so the only games I'll be getting in the near future will be Soul Caliber III and Shadow Of The Colossus.

I might pick it up. I never played a 3D Castlevania game before.

Like what "people were saying" about 'Lament of Innocence'...?

It will probably turn out to be another "good but not excellent" game.

Well, I rented the game first, and actually conquered it during my rental period. That was my main Goal while renting it, and I pulled it off. After playing through it, I had to purchase it.

If you like Lament of Innocence, you'll like this game. One of the major improvements is the ability to control the camera, with ease, I might add. Another improvement is the voice acting. On LoI, it was SORELY lacking! Some of the worst voice acting I've heard was on that game (modernly speaking). It's way better now, with Julia's voice acting being shaky at times. The game play is pretty much the same, but now you don't use items real-time... I kind of liked that feature, and wish they would've found a way to keep it. The storyline is really cool too, picking up three years after Castlevania III: Dracula's Curse. This means that we get to see Trevor Belmont, fight him, and even unlock him as a playable character! It also explains exactly what Dracula's Curse is in the game. This version also boasts the use of Familiars which come in very handy.

The downside is that there is no real platformming on the game again. That's about my only real beef with the game, but the fighting remains fun. As I said earlier, if you like LoI (which I do ), purchase this game. I'm sure you'll like it.

I didn't like LoI, but i like CoD(or Smelly Fish Game), so you daon't have to like LoI to like Smelly Fish.