My first interact with Simon`s Quest

In Castlevania

When i first interact with this game,i feel some kind of fear,not just all-known fear,but like,mistycal,enigma-thing.What were your expirience,about first time?

Ah... the colors probably did that to you.

The first time I played it? I really don't remember... I do know that I really liked it the first time I played it. To this day it's still one of my favorite NES Games!

Umm, i think music did it too

The music is great. I've had the PAL version since I was young, but played the NTSC version the other day on an emulator and the music plays faster and cooler.

I've never played the PAL version, so I'll have to check the music out on that. When I put the game in and hit start, I can't help but hum with the town music! Classic game!

I wanted so hard to beat the game when I was younger, but now that im 22 and understand it better, I was able to beat it. I always loved it wether I could beat it or not maybe because that was like one of the first out of my first 10 or 15 games i ever owned for the nintendo.

It's cool that the sequel is much more different then the rest of the series.Ofcourse they're all in the same style but Simon's Quest i like because of the difference in game play,daylight and darkness

Yeah, that is definately one of the coolest parts of that game. Such a simple concept, yet it makes you feel more like a part of it. The fact that the enemies take more hits was just a smart way to go about it, too. Gives you a feeling of urgency to get to the next part before it gets dark!

I was like "Awesome!" I traded Deadly Towers for it


Were there more hints about the game in the original (Japanese?) version?


Then that's no good.

I also felt fear. I was scared of the music .

I just got this game today, my girlfriend is a CV fan, but I've not played it too much myself. I'll have to check this one out.

Yeah, I was kind of scraed of it when i was younger and had nightmares. The never ending game with people who don't know how to talk right... scary!

Thats the only CV game I own for my NES, and its great! The music really got me!

yesss what a horrible night to have a curse. hehehe

I remember when I first played it the day/night format aggravated the hell out of me because you couldn't get into the shops, but after awhile realized that it was a perfect opportunity to use what I call the "shopping mall" effect in NES Games--hanging out and killing things and collecting hearts. The "shopping mall effect," I've found, is useful in a LOT of NES Games. I'd spend about an hour in Deadly Towers going back & forth in screens, killing things over & over, to get enough money for armor & such.

Simons quest is a great game but it confuses me. The translation in the US version seems to be bad,A townsperson told me if i hit my head on a cliff I could proceed. And I actually TRIED IT but kept falling in the water and dying instead! Think im going to use a guide for this one.

lol, very true. Some of the hints/clues don't make sense at all. My favorite is the guy who looks like he is sitting (always there to just give clues) and he says "Don't look into the Death Star" or something like that. Maybe just a Star Wars reference, cause it has nothing to do with the game (atleast I haven't found anything).

Then there is the guy that just yells "Get Back!".

And last but not least, the guy who is in town all alone and want you to stay there with him.

Great game though. Just finished it again last week. Some reason when I don't play it for awhile, I always get stuck on *SPOILER* the part where you show the Ferryman Dracula's heart. I just keep beating it until it gets stuck in my head.

Yeah, that game is just stuck full of red herring clues to try and confuse you, and from the amount of trouble some people have playing it, I guess that strategy worked! The 'names' of areas don't make much sense, either. Only the towns have names!
I always get stuck at the area where there's a high cliff if I haven't played it in awhile; I always think I can make the jump over to it, until I realize it's a dead end!

CV2 was one of the first games I owned as a kid and every time I played it I had nightmares. Also, me and my friend could never finish it.

Also, the Angry Video Game Nerd don't like it: