Who or what is a Adramelech?

In Castlevania

Hey everyone! I was just playing a Castlevania game for game boy advance, but I don't know which Castlevania game, but maybe some of you would know which game it is when I ask this question anyway. My question is about that when I fought this boss, I wondered what it was supposed to be. It was sort of a goat-head hanging on a wall with two hands on each side of the head. Of course you were suppose to hit the head with your whip, and when you do, the name of the boss always appears the first time you hit it. In this case the "goat" was named Adramelech...Is it supposed to be the devil? Because the devil is often pictured as a goat. Or is it supposed to be something else, can anyone explain to me what it is?


ok thats Castlevania Cirle of the moon, aka Circlevania.

and yes its adremelchk or what ever, the 4th boss, in the church, and yes i just thought it was always a goat, i recommend u get the cross, its by far the Best sub weapon for bosses.

the next boss is a pain to get to, when u get to him attack the left side first.

Thanks for the adVice, but I've already beaten it, I just wondered of what the creature was supposed to be...but thanks anyway! And as for the cross, it's called a crusifix.

yeah yeah i know Crucifix, Cross just sounds alot better for me.

and did u beat the whole game or just that boss. If u beat it and thought it was awesome get the other GBA ones they're all better than Circlevania.

I've beaten the entire game, yes. Ok, I'll try to get those GBAs.


have u tried any of the Bonus modes like Magician and fighter etc. etc.

Nope, I've never tried those...

beat Magician u get Fighter , beat fighter you get thief.

Fighter is the best you are super srtong and no dss cards.