Impeach Iga!

In Castlevania


The theory behind the Metroidvania games is pretty sound: Make it possible for anyone to complete, rather than just us old school junkies. Infact, you could see the genesis of the approach in Simons Quest. As a point of personal preference, I want the linear Castlevania games back, but the GBA games weren't too bad by any yardstick, and the DS one looks very much like being more of the same.

I'm less convinced with the latest PS2 "Dracula May Cry"-wannabe though. There's promise there, but it's not being fulfilled.



I'm talking about most of IGA's Metroid-vania games since Symphony when I say they've tried to make it easier.

Simons Quest stands alone: While the bare bones of the "explorable map" started with it, the RPG elements that mean you can spend some time levelling up if you're having trouble with a new area in the later games isn't in Simons Quest, so it's still utterly rock-hard. Whether that makes it better or not, I'm not sure.


Like 'Simon's Quest'? I would like a little more "action" than that though.

Did it take you more than "ten hours" to get through the original 'Castlevania'? I find that the newer adventure games in the series have much more "replay value".

Belmonts are good. Platforming puzzles could be improved. Combat sequences have been just fine (possibly the best they've ever been) in Iga's presence.

Those would be a good ideas. I myself thought of a multi-character 'Castlevania' game about 15 years ago.

The enemies in more recent games have been quite challenging. Do you even know who "The Forgotton One" is? Also, try fighting "Galamoth" as Richter.

For the record, 'Circle of the Moon' had the toughest enemies/bosses in the series as well as that whole "Battle Arena" (perhaps the most difficult part of 'Castlevania' game I've ever played). Of course, that wasn't Iga's doing (in case anyone was wondering).

The series has never had a very deep and/or involving storyline. In fact, 'Lament of Innocence' probably has the most complete story of any 'Castlevania' game ever released.

The only part that Koji Igarashi (see I even know his full name) has "failed" at is not just making a simple, linear, 8-bit style 'Castlevania' game, and that's about it. Games need to evolve with time and the 'Castlevania' series has evolved greatly IMO.
I do appreciate 2-D side-scrolling over the 3-D style however.

I propose we wait until the DS game is released before indulging in such "fantasies".

I'd rather impeach Tanaka instead.

Is that what you meant? Oh well nevermind all that other stuff then.

In addition, here's an amusing article I found recently about ''.
Beware the "Hammer".