CV's most well designed character

In Castlevania

When I used to play Castlevania before, I always thought of Simon Belmont. Now that there have been so many Belmonts, I was wondering who was who's favorite player character. It doesn't have to be a Belmont, though, because other characters were created (Alucard, Eric LeCarde, Grant DaNasty).

I thought Sifka from Castlevania III was a cool character.

I've personally grown fond of Richter Belmont. The one from Symphony of the Night on PlayStation, that is. I love all of his moves that they included with him. Looks cool and jams!

I have to go with Simon Belmont. I like the 'Simon's Quest' look and the 'Super Castlevania IV' abilities (the "whip swing" and stuff).

I agree about Richter from 'Symphony of the Night'. He just has the most amazing moves (the uppercut punch, slide, spin dash, item crash, etc.). Unfortunately, he wasn't that good in 'Castlevania X' on SNES.

I wish I could play 'Rondo of Blood'. That was the prequel to 'Symphony of the Night' released only on the Japanese PC engine CD (known as TurboGrafx-16 in the U.S.). It stars Richter in his own original "adventure game".

Simon or Trevor.

But I also like that pirate from CV3. I used hating to play with him, but later when I got used to him I discovered he's awesome to use in the game. Walking on the ceiling, awesome!


I prefer Simon.

Simon or Alucard

and Alucard on Castlevania III darculas curse where u press down a and u can become a bat ohhhhh so cool how they brought it back in SYmphony

Cornell was pretty damn cool in Legacy of Darkness. Soma is pretty cool too in Dawn of Sorrow (i still haven't played Aria of Sorrow, so i don't know how he is in that game). but so far, my favorite would have to be Simon. he's a whip weilding badass that proves leveling up is for |wussies|. Simon aint neva scurred. he's got the Vampire Killer. and it probly has something to do with CV and CV IV being my favorite CVs so far.

Richter and Alucard.

I agree with Uber Newb. I thought Sifka from CV3 was nicely drawn, but pretty much useless as a character.

Is that what her name was? I thought it was Sypha Sypha was cool because you could get that heat-seeking type weapon. I remember finding places to stand, or loops to use against bosses where I would just shoot that weapon and pretty much avoid any attacks. If I remember right this was pretty effective against the doppleganger.

You're right about the spelling, Roth. and I just tend to lose my patience with III after awhile. It seems harder than all of them, (for me), even more so than Symphony Of The Night. After I'm done with FF1, I think I'll try it again, as it's another one I haven't conquered yet.