..gameplay/story ideas

In Castlevania

..hello,im gonna make a Castlevania fangame using gamemaker,but i cant seem to find any inspiration to think of a unique story or even new gameplay ideas..so:
1.any sites that talks about these things?
2.or maybe you guys can share some ideas?
..thanks.. ^_^

For story you should have a Chick and a guy who aren't together meet up in Draculas castle in the faint future, They are both unique by having certain attacks, Relics, Spells, and clothing, and some parts of the game you have to swopp characters. Ther will have to be a Belmont this Belmont should be named Angelina Belmont(chick) , She has a whip and long hair . Through out the Game you could have swords to whips to Maces to Rail guns to a newspaper. you can get certain attacks that you gain in some type of unique way(kinda like Aria of sorrow), it would be fun!!!!

Id say, use Super Castlevania 4's engine with the swinging whip and some new levels. Yup i like it simple.

I have always been in favor of the 'Simon's Quest' type adventure (with multiple towns, forests, and stuff) but when you actually get to Dracula's castle, it becomes a 'Symphony of the Night/ Harmony of Dissonance' type game.

I also like the 'Super Castlevania IV' gameplay and multiple character switching idea.