Nintendo Fun Club News Vol. 1 No. 1 Magazine

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Look at this auction on ebay. That is amazing

Yes, very cool indeed. There have been a couple of these popping up on eBay recently. I'd bid, but sadly I have no cash in PayPal, and don't like using money orders through online auctions.

Hey Roth how much did you bid up to. Also how much did the other ones sell for?

heh, I didn't bid Sorry. You do have it listed well though... you have the phrases 'NES' and 'Nintendo' in there, so collectors will find it for sure.

That was worth braving all of eBay's sinister cookies to look at..where's my $$$...

oh no roth this isn't my auction I just found it and thought someone on here might be interested in it.

I've got a few of those..