For Sale: 400+ Complete NES Games

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I have a little over 400 NES Games that are complete with box & instructions to sell. I have a list that I can email... or you can send me your want list if you'd like. I've also got a bunch of loose games, boxes & instructions if you're looking to complete your games. (I will not split up complete games to sell parts.)

Email me at with "NES list" in the title and I'll reply with the file that has the list with everything on it that I need to sell.


E-mail me at with a list. I am interested in stocking for personal use.

If you would, I'd like a list as well. I'm new to collecting and need to bulk up a good collection. . Thanks.

please send me a list

Remember to post your successful transactions in the Feedback thread, guys.

And unsuccessful ones too, if neccesary.

PM sent

I have emailed the list to all those that have requested.

I am leaving for police training next weekend and won't be back for 6 months, so any transactions would have to be completed before then.


well I sent you a PM but never got a reply...

may you send me a list,thanks

send me a list as well to


I got my list early in the week and requested info on several games, to no response.