Couple things for sale

In Buy/Sell/Trade

Spiderman 2 for gamecube, complete $10 CAD Shipped anywhere in US or Canada
Need For Speed Underground 2 for gamecube, disc and case 13 CAD Shipped
Never used GBA/SP Link Cable 6 CAD Shipped

All in good condition! Take Paypal, or Canadian/US Bills.

I just sold a god damned SMB3 Cartridge for

People are freaking idiots.

Why does someone have to be a freakin idiot just because they bought a game for 9?. SMB 3 is a damn, freakin good game isn't it? Maybe they live in the boonies somewhere and do not have access to cheap games (like they do in Ottawa). If you type in SMB3 on ebay, yes you get a lot of hits however, they average about 10 bucks. So in my mind (on ebay) 9 seems pretty good eh?

All I gotta say is paying ten bucks for SMB3 seperates the fanboys from the true playas.


I agree! I've got five SMB3s averaging in price at around 3 bucks. Mostly found in pawn shops and off of craig's list.