42 in 1 Multi Cartridge and NES System in Box for Sale!

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ebay removed the multi cartridge so if youre still interested pm me.

Why would they do that?

Because it was a pirate. They always remove pirates and protos if they find them (for legal reasons).

Oh, I didn't know that protos aren't allowed.
I thought they'd only fish out pirates.

Yes they'll take down a proto whenever they find one. Protos were never meant for sale and only became available through unofficial channels. It would only really be the original company that created it that would be authorised to sell it.

yea dam them! any of you interested in buying it, or know more info on it rarity value ect.

OK, your for sale here is enough, the spam post was deleted.

Also, it would be appreciated if you would take part in the forums beyond trying to sell things.

Funny the thing is those rules only count for Americans on Ebay.com.A while ago i sold 2 pirates on Ebay.com and they didn't pull mine,they auction was listen for 7 days.That means if your a seller on Ebay.com and you American and you don't mock up the title that they can find it easy then they pull it cause you are offending US seller rules.Don't you just love the glitch in the system!

I don't know, isn't selling pirated games illegal in Holland as well? So does ebay.de let sellers get away with selling obvious pirates?