Interton VC 4000 / Philips G7000

In Buy/Sell/Trade

There are 2 auctions up on eBay now for those two consoles and I wondered if they were worth 25$ (incl. shipping) each.

The Interton VC 4000 comes complete in a box, with a second console (without box) and 2 games.

The G7000 (I think it's a compatible machine to the Odyssey in the US) comes without box and joysticks, and with 1 game.

I would like to hear some opinions.

Yeah, Digitpress was the first thing I looked up, but it didn't give me what I wanted.
I thought maybe somebody on the forums owned the machines and if there are any recommendable games or something.

Well, I can give my opinion on the Odyssey 2. it's total crap.

I haven't even heard of the other one though.

That's what I wanted to hear. A clear opinion.

Crap for 25$ is no good.

I'm still thinking of gettig the Interton, though... I mean it is boxed and it comes with 2 consoles...
I'm a bit short on money though, that's why I'm still thinking...

well, i've never played either one of those, but from the auctions, i go with the Interton. it comes with 2 games, 2 consoles, 1 is boxed. if anything, you could always sell the extra console to make back a little cash.

Yeah, that's right. I could also trade one perhaps.
I'll have a closer look on the auction. If nobody bids on it I'll grab it maybe.
Boxed consoles are always nice.

I researched a bit and found out that the consoles are not that popular, i.e. they sell for lower prices usually. So I won't bid on them.
I'd rather save the money for another DS game or The Minish Cap for GBA.
But if anybody is interested, the seller ships to Europe.

Yeah, the Philips G7000 is a basic Videopac console...crappy games, and really not much value attached to it. A console worth picking up for cheap is the Videopac G7400 (Videopac+ console) which is superior to the original G7000 & Magnavox Odyssey^'s also more valuable, and the Videopac+ games are pretty rare and valuable as well. The console is also backwards compatible with the original G7000.

Thanks for the info.
I will bear that in mind when I see one.