wanted : Super Mario Bros. GBA

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Classic Nes Series Super Mario Bros.(Game Boy Advance)

ive tryed looking for this at walmart,toys r us,target, best buy and a few other stores but it seems that its sold out everwhere

does any happen to have this for sale ? im also looking for other GBA "NES Classic" titles....

That's weird, I've seen it everywhere. So you say you've looked in Toys'R'Us? I bought the NES Classics version there. If you don't find it, try the internet. Like . I'm sure you'll find it there.

I've seen it everywhere. Anyway, as NES-RULE! suggested, Ebay and Amazon are the best bets, or you'll just have to keep checking. I know it can be a pain, i've been looking for Skies of Arcadia legends for ages, but i'm pretty cheap and it goes for a lot on Ebay.