F/A:NES Trolls in Crazyland,Hammerin'Harry and sealed games!

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On eBay at the moment: NES Trolls in Crazyland cart and Hammrin'Harry cart and manual.Also factory sealed Shockwave and factory sealed Aladdin game Bignose Freaks Out.

Thanx for looking!

eh? Nes-a-holic selling some of his games? I'm curious here, because I know how much of a die-hard collector you are... I'm HOPING this is a double that you have. If not, why are you selling it and the others that you'll be posting? You have me confused Nes-a-holic

Thanx for the question! Well as i said in a earlier thread i dont have much with pirates,and since they are forbidden to sell on eBay.com i thought i'd try to sell them there just to see how it goes.People seem to pay alot for these and i can get them almost when ever i want (yeah really!).

Edit: added 2 more carts 1 Famicom 220-1 and 1 NES 75-1 cart.

Is there a converter inside any of the NES carts?

Uhm not that i know of,but it could be since i didn't open any of them.

if they work in an NTSC system id really like to buy one, or both of them....

I think your NES has to be chipped (modded) to play them,otherwise they won't work since they are Asian.

Added some more stuff.

-Action 52 with manual.
-Factory sealed Bignose Freaks Out,aladdin game.
-Factory sealed,Shockwave.

to be continued....


Action52 sold,added some new stuff namely 2 PAL only games.Trolls in Crazyland cart and Hammerin'Harry cart and manual.

How much did you cash in for action 52?

It went for the BIN price of $50.

Boxed 190-1 and rest of the multi's are sold!

PAL only's are left and 2 sealed games.