FS:Clay Fighter Sculptors Cut, and Paper Mario int (N64).

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I'm selling Clay Fighter Sculptors Cut for the N64, and the int. for Paper Mario N64. I'm looking for 25 dollars shipped for Clay Fighter. Its in good condition, and it works great, and I tested it, and cleaned it. NO BLOCKBUSTER STICKERS on it. There are 2-3 small tears on the back label, but the front label is in mint/perfect condition. Very hard to find game. The Paper Mario int. is in ok condition. Its missing no pages, but the front and back pages are ripped a little on the edges. I'd sell it for 1-2 dollar shipped. Also, I have Rainbow Six -Lone Wolf- for the PS1. Its complete, and the case is broken, but it snaps back on, and the disk has some small scraches. It works great. I'll sell this for 2 dollars. If you would like everything, I can give it to you for 27 dollars shipped.

Well, since no one wanted it. It is here on ebay.