Ebaying: Famicom, and FDS

In Buy/Sell/Trade

Here's a link:

As usual for board members I'll throw in a free game or two depending on what the auction ends at, just let me know who you are.

I actually saw the famicom two days ago. I was searching for famicom systems and found it that way. Now I see the link again on these forums. I just thought I'd point that out. Kind of unlikely, eh?

I've still got another one (black & blue) that I may keep. I've just got too much redundant hardware right now. 4 original famicoms, 3 NES, 4 FDS, the twins and a yobo neo-fami.

I've been hanging out on the lately and might make some into portables instead of selling them.

Just put up some new stuff. I'm trying Buy-it-nows too, what do you guys think of the prices? I've priced them a little above where my last ones sold for.