need a dreamcast!! help me out

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i have a buddy looking to acquire a dreamcast. i have on e i wwas willing to let him get but my wife wants to keep it. to make a long story short, i am tring to help him locate one. if any of you guys can help me locate one for cheap i would be greatfull

Check pawn shops man, I haven't seen one for more than $30 CDN in months. and I've seen at least 5 of 'em...

not really any pawn shops in our area..

maybe you will have to try ebay

Sometimes big game stores (ebgames, gamestop,etc) have old stock in the back room that is taking up space. Ask a manager or salesdude for help and you my walk away with a box of stuff for $20.

Yeah, i wish. EB here sells a DC controller for lie $25.00

I was in one of the storage rooms back in Cali that belonged to an independant video store. Evidently the owner had never heard of ebay because there was all kind of DC stuff laying around. I kept going back trying to get in touch with him, hell I would have even listed it for him for a fair percentage, but never met with him. It's probably still sitting there being forgotten...

i bought mine at funcoland for 35 with a controller and rf, ebay seems to run around 50. i think thats a bad price.. and my buddy is broke. ill keep looking. i miss funcoland bad bad bad